Because it’s important to know who you’re talking to if you want to develop a relationship of trust and work in harmony, let’s finally shine the spotlight on the people who work hard every day to make Media Product the ideal partner for all your events.


A word from the chairman:

In January 2014, the MEDIA PRODUCT Management team took a strategic turn.
This gave us new impetus since we wanted to expand on our status as a stand specialist by also taking on the role of a consulting agency.
We have successfully evolved and adapted to the market over the years, offering our customers a global approach to their participation in trade shows as well as all their other events.
A stand is more than just a construction: it needs to convey a precise and carefully prepared message.

We put all our energy into serving you, with just one goal: your satisfaction!

The sales staff

Sales partners to ensure that all your requests are dealt with as promptly as possible… and always with a smile!

The creative staff

Made up of designers, computer graphics specialists and 3D modellers… for original creations and ever more realistic results.

The technical and logistical staff

They ensure that your stand is built to the applicable standards and delivered without a hitch to the exhibition venue.

The production and installation staff

Carpenters, painters, forklift drivers… the production of your stand is in their expert hands. Before every departure, our stand installers know their plans like the back of their hands. From floor to ceiling, they will take care of setting up your stand, down to the last detail.

Head office:
13 avenue Gaspard Monge
69720 Saint Bonnet de Mure
Tel.: 04 78 90 01 93
Fax: 04 78 90 83 08