» The traditional stand

It has always been our core business, our reason to exist. Whatever the surface to be developed, we will be able to imagine the stand in adequacy with your desires, to make of your event a total success.

Each booth concept is designed to best convey your business and communication strategy. All our stands are designed to be adapted and reassembled on several events. This allows you to sustain your image and amortize your investments.

Beyond the stand, we offer tools that will allow you to generate traffic and measure the performance of your event.

With Media Product, optimize your attractiveness and quantify / qualify the contacts generated during your participation by acting before, during and after the show.

» The modular stand

The modular stand allows the continuity of your communication strategy thanks to light and progressive structures that offer a simplified implementation.

This system allows you to communicate easily and sustainably by ensuring a presence at lower costs on your conferences. To do this, we have developed WEDIA, a brand dedicated to our premium modular booth offer.

We offer several alternatives through three ranges of pre-established stands, with assertive concepts: Connected, Cozy or Corporate.

You can also opt for a fully customizable booth, thanks to our 100% CREA.


As events are becoming more and more virtual, we have created a tool that allows to put your products or services in situation, without limit of space or location.

It’ a platform that allows our customers to create and participate to all their events in a virtual way.

There are many possibilities : custom space planning, moving in the exhibition, product modeling, making online appointments, participation to conferences, interactions with other people, etc. …
A real complement to your “physical” appointments, the virtual event helps to keep the link and offers multiple possibilities.”

» The interior layout

In order to better meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers, we have developed EGGO, an entity specialized in sustainable layout (offices, reception areas, sales areas, showroom…)

We arrange all your interiors to reflect your identity and your brand image. We put at your service our skills in interior architecture, in addition to a global management of your project.

We imagine for you the contents and supports, both graphical and digital to highlight your products and know-how.

We make it a point of honor that your visitors are immersed in a universe that will make them live a real experience.

» The indoor events

Our customers are increasingly in favor of different communication actions.

For the indoor part, the events can be of several types:
– Conventions
– Business seminars
– Plenary organization, bringing together all the partners of the sector
– Etc …

» The fitted containers

Do you want mobility and originality?

To each communication need, its solution :
Create your own event by going to meet your customers for business events or trainings.

We offer you different models of containers fitted out and to be dressed according to your desires.

Real place of exchanges, the container combines many advantages : flexibility, adaptability, roaming, profitability, proximity…

Opt for serenity, choose CONTAINER EVENT

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