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We have always been committed to preserving our society and our environment.
Both individually and collectively, everything is geared towards reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

Here at Media Product, we are fully aware that events and stand facilities are very much temporary solutions – but that’s never hindered to our commitment to the environment!

This is why we have implemented a series of procedures which are adapted to the products and resources we use, to ensure that our processes remain ethical, sustainable, and environmentally sound.

Our foundations

We are deeply committed to ensuring that our company is a space which offers both safety and a positive environment for all of our employees.

This ethos naturally runs through everything we do, and how our company operates.  Our company is built on a number of strong social, environmental and economic foundations, which you can find out about below.

Our social strategy

RSE démarches sociales Media Product

A properly adapted workplace

  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Relaxation areas
  • Group activities
  • A positive attitude to well-being

Reinforced safety

  • Personal protection equipment, available to everyone
  • Maximum risk prevention
  • Regular labour inspection audits

An inclusive management style

  • Staff are encouraged to participate
  • Initiative and responsibility are rewarded
  • Free expression is encouraged

Putting people first

  • Recognition of each person’s values
  • Building our employees’ skills (training, etc.)
  • Personal and professional development
RSE démarches environnementales Media Product

Our environmental strategy

Involving every employee in our cause

  • A collective commitment
  • Reduced waste (water, electricity, food)
  • Preliminary sorting (rubbish, paper)
  • Car-sharing, electric vehicles, cycling
  • Less single-use plastic (glass or metal water bottles rather than plastic cups)

A second life for our materials

  • Partnerships with schools (we donate our offcuts)
  • Donations to charitable organisations
  • Collection by employees (with in-house “jumble sales”)

A powerful recycling policy

  • Various different skips are provided for all types of material (wood, cardboard, standard industrial waste, electrical cables, paint, scrap metal, etc.)
  • Cleaning rollers and brushes (reprocessing wastewater)

Our economic strategy

RSE démarches économiques Media Product

A commitment to French sourcing

  • The majority of our production network is in France
  • The guarantee of quality for our services
  • Control of our impact on the planet

A strong preference for Home Made solutions

  • An in-house joinery department which handles most of our productions
  • All of our electrics and painting are done in-house
  • Reduced transport and lower CO2 emissions

A network of suppliers who share our values

  • Our printers are certified by the Imprim’Vert label
  • The use of water-based paints
  • PEFC label wood
  • FSC certified materials

Contract-based client relationships

  • Reusing structures time and again
  • Avoiding “one-shot” solutions and encouraging reuse
  • Economies of scale

The importance of the ISO 20121 standard

A few months ago, MEDIA PRODUCT began working towards the ISO 20121 certification.

This standard concerns events and stand companies in particular.
It sets out guidelines and lists the best practices for managing an event while controlling its social, economic and environmental impact.
Since it was first introduced in 2012, it has brought the need for improvement in the sector into sharp focus.

We must stress that this is:


It identifies and integrates the expectations and requirements of employees, suppliers, clients, and partners.


It is based on the principle of further improvement (a new certification audit is conducted every 3 years to identify the progress made and the adjustments to the company’s actions).


This standard reflects a responsible and sustainable strategy, both in-house and externally.


It implies the implementation or continuation of concrete actions put in place by the company.

Why choose this strategy?

We are deeply committed to consolidating our CSR strategy on a daily basis, working daily to improve it further, promote it, and ensure it is recognised by our clients and our colleagues.

Unusually for our sector, we are aiming to secure this certification for the entire value chain, from production and installation all the way to transport.

By keeping every step of the project in-house, we can guarantee that our environmental impact is 100% under control.

Now, we can shine a spotlight on everything we do here at Media Product to promote sustainable development. We know that many of our clients share our values, apply them to their own business, and encourage us in our efforts.

So, let’s work together to ensure that we can succeed together, at every level!