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HR Policy

Here at Media Product, we are convinced that our employees are the very reason for our success. Our objective is to develop individual talent in order to improve our collective effectiveness and promote an excellent quality of life in the workplace.

We focus our efforts on:

Skills development

We promote the development of our skills by making employee training a key priority. From the moment they come on board, each employee gets the support they need to become fully integrated and flourish within the company. Every year, we put together an ambitious training plan which will support each person with their career development, according to their own desires and the needs of the organisation.

Professional development

Thanks to the constant developments within our company, the changes in the technology available to us and the wealth of opportunity within our organisation, you’ll keep growing throughout your career with new assignments, new responsibilities, and new posts.


We have a highly inclusive management strategy. We encourage each employee to offer up their own suggestions and take responsibility, even if that means daring to try something new and make mistakes. Trust in the men and women in our teams is one of the foundations upon which Media Product is built.


We have implemented a fair and attractive pay policy, without discrimination between men and women. It is based on skills, and recognition of each person’s performance and efforts.


The principle of non-discrimination, respect for all employees and of diversity is enshrined in a Diversity Charter.

Quality of life

We know that we’ll only perform well in an environment which promotes well-being, so we do everything to encourage our employees to live well and flourish: a comfortable and attractive workplace, powerful tools, and above all the desire to work together in a friendly and mutually beneficial atmosphere.

Do you share our values?

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