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Why choose us?

Because we have character…
Working with enthusiasm and energy in a climate of trust to make your event a success: this is what we strive for every day. We put forward strong ideas and we know how to get behind them. Our bold designs can make all the difference when it comes to making an impression.
Because we are a global agency…
Design, production, installation, storage: opt for the service that’s 100% Made in Media Product.
Responsiveness, attentiveness, service and availability: Media Product will never let you down!

For each of your projects, we carry out a complete marketing analysis. We can prepare a graphic charter for events, develop interactive aids (quizzes, activities, etc.), or set up tools to measure visitor numbers at the stand.

Goodies, catering, technical services… we take care of every aspect in order to make your life easier.

Because we are integrated…
All the structures that make up our stands are guaranteed 100% Made in France. We work exclusively with local suppliers and service providers. This allows us to establish a network of reliable partners and to have a clear overview of all our productions and set-ups.
Because we are eco-friendly…
Melamine, wood, signage, various materials… with us everything has a second life. Everything is donated or recycled, so even ephemeral things have value. We work with printers certified by the Imprim’vert label. We have formed a partnership with Emmaüs to give a second life to all the elements that make up our stands.
Because we are like a family…
At Media Product, human relations are based on transparency, both internally and with our clients. Between us there are no taboos: we tell each other everything and we tell you everything! Our sincerity and clearly defined offering appeal to all who deal with us: no nasty surprises, you always know what’s going on.

A few customer testimonials

Member of LEADS

LEADS is a group made up of all the most representative professionals in our industry. Belonging to this group means that our colleagues acknowledge our position as an expert in the events business.

All LEADS members share common values that enable us to work smartly and loyally, but also to defend common interests.

Head office:
13 avenue Gaspard Monge
69720 Saint Bonnet de Mure
Tel.: 04 78 90 01 93
Fax: 04 78 90 83 08