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Responsible approaches: a daily concern

To those who think that adopting a responsible approach is incompatible with the events and stand business, we’re proud to prove the opposite every day.

What do we do every day ?

Over the years, we have put in place a number of initiatives to promote the fair and responsible use of all resources, as well as the second life of the materials and various elements we use to build our stands. There are many tricks up our sleeve to help everyone adopt a more responsible approach that respects both people and the environment.


First and foremost, we design our stand projects with elements that can be easily reused in other locations and configurations. Bars, beams, frames, totems, display cases, podiums for your product presentations… all the structures that make up your stand are carefully designed and manufactured with this in mind. So, whatever the size of your exhibition space, you invest in elements that you can amortize and reuse for many years to come.
When your stand is returned, each component is inspected, refurbished, repainted and readapted if necessary… so that it can be reused in optimal conditions at your next event.


After many assemblies, reuse is no longer possible because the components are too damaged. That’s when we move on to the recycling stage. We have several sorting bins, each dedicated to a single type of waste. Wood, scrap metal, cardboard, electrical cables, CIW… all are carefully sorted. To take things a step further, we even recycle the waste water from our paintbrushes and rollers. Wood is crushed to become firewood or to make new chipboard panels. Here too, second life is always possible!

Partner selection

We work with trusted, mainly local partners. This enables us to control all our production, to promote the shortest possible supply chain and to reduce our carbon footprint. Our suppliers are rigorously selected, enabling us to showcase the very best features:
– imprim’vert label for our printers
– water-based paints only
– PEFC label for our wood panels
– FSC certification for our materials
Similarly, our integrated machining center enables us to handle almost all our production in-house. Painting and electrical preparations are also carried out in-house.

The gift

When elements are no longer useful to us for setting up our stands, we think they can always be of use to someone else! That’s why we’ve set up several partnerships, notably with schools and training centers in the Lyon area. For example, we give the La Mache school wooden panels and the Sup de mod establishment signage elements such as printed fabrics, which we no longer use. This enables them to get their students to work on real materials, completely free of charge.

For other items, such as furniture and decoration, a kind of “braderie” is regularly organized internally. This enables employees to salvage items for their own use, either free of charge or at a lower cost.

Whatever the outcome, everyone’s happy! And so is the planet 😊

Through all these initiatives, you’ll have understood that the instinct to preserve is deeply rooted in our DNA. We do everything in our power to adopt a strong CSR approach and limit our impact on the environment as much as possible. Put your trust in MEDIA PRODUCT, your stand design agency for 35 years.